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I’m working with individuals, creative practitioners, nonprofits, social enterprises and more to harness and highlight the power of their creativity as a tool for personal, professional and social development.


Who AM I?


I AM a fun-loving, fearless and determined art for social change advocate on a mission to harness and highlight and harness the power of creativity as an act of love and a powerful tool for personal, professional and social development. 

Art for Social Change Advocate, Creative Consultant, Artist & Author

Photo taken by Stefan Foderingham-Garraway


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The I AM Experiment (Podcast)

Let's harness the limitless potential of your creativity to transform your life. Welcome to "The I AM Experiment" where we find the formula for unlocking the power of creativity as an act of love, a personal and professional development tool and a driver for social change. Let's embark on this transformative journey together!

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Photo taken by Josiah Dabreo

Featured News

As a creative consultant, through East Yard Enterprises, I deliver sustainable and affordable integrated solutions that support other non-profits,

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Arima Arts Festival wants to create social change

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TTT Art Exhibit Series On NOW - Kevon Foderingham

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Art Society of Trinidad and TSTT’s latest exhibition focuses on form, texture, space

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14 Trinidadian artists to exhibit in Washington D.C.

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Supporting Creative Entrepreneurs Through Personal Branding

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Kevon Foderingham to show art, book, film

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Using art, writing, fashion, film to support other creatives

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TTT See Yourself - Kevon Foderingham, Using Art For Social Change At East Yard


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