“Born and bred in Arima Trinidad and Tobago, Kevon Foderingham is the Executive Director of CFAFF/FOR COMMON GOOD; Founder of EAST YARD; and Designer of the Green Violet apparel

and accessories line.

With 20 years of local, regional and international work experience in the hospitality, education, creative and non-profit sectors - he describes himself as an art for social change advocate and over the years has been involved with and led several projects in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean that have provided a foundation for arts and culture practitioners.


Passionate about the arts, with a belief in the power of education and mission to connect people; Kevon is building a global platform created to support cultural diplomacy, build the capacity of cultural practitioners and promote social change through the arts, aptly dubbed FOR COMMON GOOD. Kevon uses his professional experience in marketing and communications and life coach training in his personal brand visioning practice - helping creative practitioners find and amplify the essence of their personal brands. When not at work, Kevon can usually be found binging movies and television series or singing along loudly to music videos on YouTube.