The Art

From dabbling around with cut outs for collage, playing with clay and being allowed by my parents to do a large scale mural on our living room wall, when I was teenager - art was always an interest. One I knew I loved but never pursued beyond being appreciative of, admiring from afar and in later years being a collector, curator and benefactor. 

Fast forward to today, 2021; a never-ending pandemic, repeated lock-downs, and a world that oft feels like it's tottering on the edge - I asked myself, why not create the images I want to see that tell the stories I want to tell?

The work I create takes the stance that the personal is the global and places the individual at the center of the story - exploring themes of self discovery, identity, family, mental health, spirituality and more.


A celebration of the power the ID, Ego and Super-Ego holds over the individual and ultimately the universe we exist in, is how I would describe my the intention of my work.