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From dabbling around with cut outs for collage, playing with clay and being allowed by my parents to do a large scale mural on our living room wall, when I was teenager - art was always an interest. One I knew I loved but never pursued beyond being appreciative of, admiring from afar and in later years being a collector, curator and benefactor. 

Fast forward to today, 2021; a never-ending pandemic, repeated lock-downs, and a world that oft feels like it's tottering on the edge - I asked myself, why not create the images I want to see that tell the stories I want to tell?

The work I create takes the stance that the personal is the global and places the individual at the center of the story - exploring themes of self discovery, identity, family, mental health, spirituality and more.


A celebration of the power the ID, Ego and Super-Ego holds over the individual and ultimately the universe we exist in, is how I would describe my the intention of my work.


To schedule an in-person or virtual viewing please reach out to me via email. 

In photo: 'A Crown Called Content'  by Kevon Gareth Foderingham (2022) - Acrylic paint, metallic marker, and permanent marker on canvas. 



Formerly Green Violet, the now eponymous Kevon Foderingham is a contemporary and socially conscious clothing and jewelry brand based in Arima, Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹.

Created in 2015, and known by Green Violet, that brand is a tribute to the memory of my mother, Violet who passed away in 2014 and infuses her style and panache into the brand.

I decided in 2022 to lay the Green Violet name to rest. Change is a good thing and as I continue to embrace this arts and social change mission I have chosen for myself, it was time for a re-brand.

Conceptualised as a brand with a social ethos at heart, a percentage of revenue will be allocated to BIPOC creatives deemed most in need from select countries across the world who can apply for small bursaries to support a particular creative venture.

Kevon Foderingham, the brand is  managed by East Yard Enterprises. 

The overall aim is to use fashion and lifestyle design tools to create a platform that provides quality products and supports creative entrepreneurship across the globe.

If you're in Trinidad and Tobago email me to set up a private viewing. 


In photo: Model - Oluseyi Todd wears KF x Kevon Foderingham denim kimono, t-shirt with denim pocket detail and afro print jogger (2022)

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