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From dabbling around with cut outs for collage, playing with clay and being allowed by my parents to do a large scale mural on our living room wall, when I was teenager - art was always an interest. One I knew I loved but never pursued beyond being appreciative of, admiring from afar and in later years being a collector, curator and benefactor. 

Fast forward to today, 2021; a never-ending pandemic, repeated lock-downs, and a world that oft feels like it's tottering on the edge - I asked myself, why not create the images I want to see that tell the stories I want to tell?

The work I create takes the stance that the personal is the global and places the individual at the center of the story - exploring themes of self discovery, identity, family, mental health, spirituality and more.


A celebration of the power the ID, Ego and Super-Ego holds over the individual and ultimately the universe we exist in, is how I would describe my the intention of my work.


To schedule an in-person or virtual viewing please reach out to me via email. 

In photo: 'A Crown Called Content'  by Kevon Gareth Foderingham (2022) - Acrylic paint, metallic marker, and permanent marker on canvas. 



Formerly Green Violet, [KF] x Kevon Foderingham is a contemporary and socially conscious clothing brand based in Arima, Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹.

Created in 2015, and known by Green Violet, the brand is a tribute to the memory of my mother, Violet who passed away in 2014 and infuses her style and panache into the brand.

A beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman, I decided in 2022 to lay the Green Violet name to rest.Change is a good thing and as I continue to embrace this arts for social change mission I have chosen for myself, it was time for a re-brand.

Conceptualised as a brand with a social ethos at heart, a percentage of KF's revenue will be allocated to BIPOC creatives deemed most in need from select countries across the world who can apply for small bursaries to support a particular creative venture.

KF is managed by East Yard Enterprises with the fund being administered through non-profit organization, For Common Good. Details will soon follow.

The overall aim is to use fashion and lifestyle design tools to create a platform that provides quality products and supports creative entrepreneurship across the globe.

If you're in Trinidad and Tobago email me to set up a private viewing. 

In photo: Model - Oluseyi Todd wears KF x Kevon Foderingham denim kimono, t-shirt with denim pocket detail and afro print jogger (2022)


"THINGS I LEARNED IN MY THIRTIES: Motivational Musings for Creative Millennials"

When your personality provides the platform for your passions, proclivities and purpose to align, it readies you for your path, prepares you to progress and allows you to use the power within you to become a version of yourself that is most at peace. Over the past ten or so years I have lived my life and revamped my creative career, guided by what I call the 8 P’s - Personality, Passion, Proclivity, Purpose, Path, Progress, Power and Peace.


These words each pack their own punch and the meanings that I have assigned to them have helped me stay on track, cope with loss, be okay with losing and set me up for big wins all at the same time.

This work consists mostly of content that has been newly created, a few poems written over a fifteen year period and some writing adapted from my previously published articles in local blogs and daily newspapers.

THINGS I LEARNED IN MY THIRTIES: Motivational Musings for Creative Millennials, could very well be described as an exploration of my life’s work to-date. It is my honour to share these lessons, poems, mantras and visual art pieces with you, in the hope that you find something within it that you can use on your own journey. I dedicate this book to my mother, Violet Foderingham, who passed away in 2014. Her influence, wisdom and love have served as my greatest inspiration. I hope that every reader enjoys THINGS I LEARNED IN MY THIRTIES - Motivational Musings for Creative Millennials as much as I enjoyed writing it.


If you're in Trinidad and Tobago email me to purchase the paperback edition of book.


If you're overseas visit Amazon to purchase kindle or paperback editions. 

In photo: 'THINGS I LEARNED IN MY THIRTIES: Motivational Musings for Creative Millennials,'  by Kevon Gareth Foderingham (2022)

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