Green Violet

I created Green Violet in 2015, as tribute to the memory of my mother, Violet who passed away in 2014 and I've infused her style and panache into the brand.

"The word violet as seen in the logo is a duplicate of my mother's actual signature and her favourite colour was green. So the brand literally named itself.

Green Violet has become known over the years for men's beaded jewelry and the use of leather in the designs. The occasional menswear and women's wear capsule collections have also made appearances.


Green Violet has had the honor of being stocked at boutiques in Trinidad and Barbados, featured in a billboard campaign for Mackeson Stout, in magazine shoots and in the video for Tipsy by Black Shadow featuring Barbadian Soca star Rupee - who has himself purchased Green Violet pieces.


More than just a lovely tribute to a special woman, I am proud and thankful for the positive reaction to the brand.