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CFAFF/For Common Good

Caribbean Fashion and Arts feature Festival (CFAFF) was incorporated in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in 2016, as an NGO to foster more regional collaboration, highlight work being done in the fashion and art industries, create more opportunities for event tourism and to contribute to the current roster of festivals. With the Caribbean being one of the only regions that did not yet have a Fashion-film and Arts Festival of its own, CFAFF’s arrival in 2016 made its mark, with recognition by Vogue Italia. expertise.

In 2018 CFAFF launched into full community arts enrichment programming to include large scale community mural projects, exhibitions, arts education that introduces children and youth to innovative ideas and visual arts tools for addressing social issues. These programs have been supported by Indrani Goradia and the JB Fernandes Trust I in 2018 and 2019 respectively.  

In 2017 CFAFF founded the Arima based EAST YARD Community Arts Centre, which has become a premiere creative hub in East-Trinidad and in 2021 branched off as a separate social enterprise. 


In 2020 CFAFF re-branded the organization as CFAFF/FOR COMMON GOOD and all its programs under the FOR COMMON GOOD banner; embracing the pivotal role of the creative arts in shaping the quality of intercultural relations as well as creating a unique platform for artists, audiences, and other stakeholders in the sector to strengthen the overall impact of their own arts for social change programming. The platform rolled out with two programs, namely, FOR COMMON GOOD - Arima x Louisville Exchange, supported by the US Embassy Port-of-Spain and executed in collaboration with the World Affairs Council of Kentucky and Southern Indiana; and FOR COMMON GOOD - Youth Arts Enrichment Program.

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In photo: Arima x Louisville Exchange Alumnus, Author & Sustainable Fashion Designer, Crystine Alleyne, receives her certificate of participation from CFAFF/For Common Good, Executive Director, Kevon Foderingham.


As a physical space - East Yard was launched in 2017 by Kevon Gareth Foderingham as a creative hub and project of his art education and promotion non-profit organization, CFAFF/For Common Good, with the mission to promote and increase access to visual and performing arts, music, fashion, film and more for residents of Arima and environs.

In 2021, in the wake of the pandemic, the need to streamline operations and the reality of the instability of donor funding for creative projects like East Yard, the decision was made to transform the project into an independent business entity, trading as East Yard Enterprises - no longer managed by CFAFF/For Common Good but working alongside.


Fast forward to 2022 and East Yard Enterprises (still branded as East Yard) has become a multi-pronged creative social enterprise, operating in the first instance as an integrated creative consultancy that provides public relations, marketing, project management, and events management services for NGOs, organizations and private businesses committed to balancing profit and purpose.
East Yard embraces its positioning at the junction of creativity, commerce and social consciousness and is committed to remaining active in our hometown, the Royal Chartered Borough of Arima and will continue to build upon the success of our community led mural projects and introduce more creative and social innovation learning and programs for the general public - with emphasis placed on training in Creative Social Entrepreneurship.

As part of the wider Caribbean creative community, East Yard is also making strides in expanding access to art from Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and diaspora in regions where there is currently less access by finding innovative ways to fund emerging artists and partnering with non-traditional creative spaces in other countries to exhibit and activate Caribbean works of art in exciting and innovative ways.

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