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The I AM Conference

"A catalyst for personal brand strategy development to empower and inspire creative professionals"

The I AM Conference, St Vincent and the Grenadines - September 16-18, 2022 is presented by Trinidad and Tobago based The I AM Experiment by Kevon Foderingham and Kencept Solutions, a digital marketing company in St. Vincent and the Grenadines that delivers design and development from concept to completion by helping businesses boost the artistry of their content through curated creative content to drive traffic and engage their audience, satisfy their business objectives and generate profits.


The I AM Conference will empower and inspire creatives to embrace their gifts and innate power to create work that can not only change the world around them but do work that is in total alignment with their individual purpose.

The I AM Conference is intended to not only be a catalyst for individual creative strategy development, I AM offers an opportunity for especially (Black Indigenous People Of Color) BIPOC creatives and creatives from other marginalized groups to come together in a safe space to explore the stumbling blocks, often times personal, that challenge self-expression. I AM offers the tools to thus explore and find ‘the self.’

The I AM Conference is a three(3) day conference which consists of a cross-cultural exhibition of the work of artists from St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad and Tobago which doubles as a networking and panel discussion event and a two day personal brand visioning workshop for a maximum of 60 participants who will work with Kevon Foderingham to explore themes like:

  1. Finding your personal brand essence

  2. Embracing your proclivity, passion and purpose

  3. Channeling YOU in your work

  4. Creating your personal brand strategy/marketing plan



  1. September 16th (evening): Art Exhibition Opening, networking, and panel discussion with experts from T&T and SVG

  2. September 17th (all-day): I AM Experiment Workshop

  3. September 17th (evening): Open Mic and Book Reading 

  4. September 18th (half-day): I AM Experiment Workshop Pt. 2


"Integrating the usage of language, writing and oral declarations and art exercises, I AM promises to leave the participant with an arsenal of tools to tap into and amplify their personal brands."



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